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Clayton is a private residence, a guest house conveniently based next to "Campo Argentino de Polo", in the neighborhood Las Cañitas Palermo Buenos Aires.

We offer private suites rentals, to people from Argentina or around the world, coming to Buenos Aires to study, work, or enjoy the events in Campo de Polo, La Rural, Hipódromo, Movistar Arena, River, and more.

Clayton´s suites come in different sizes and views. Yet they all feature natural daylight, extremely comfortable beds, tasteful interiors, and well-equipped private bathrooms.  

Clayton shares common use spaces, to study, connect your laptop or simply enjoy the panoramic view to the unique "Campo de Polo"



Well you know, it's hard to say. It comes from many long days of brainstorming to name this very special and unique place. Moreover to name a project that we dreamed of for years while renovating the property that already was a student residence.

The first idea was "POLO SUITES" but it didn´t sound very personal. Our address is CLAY 3082 so someone cleverly said what if we call it CLAY SUITES, or CHARMING CLAY, or... a long list of what if we call it?

Did you ever hear about the campaign WTF is Herny? We did!!
This is how we came up with CLAYTON Buenos Aires. This human- superhero in hospitality, this avatar for a super host to the city. This special one can make your days in Buenos Aires remarkable.  We love to think, that Clayton is you, is him, is her, is us. That with the special magic that turns a trip into an adventure and makes a stranger feel like a long-lost friend.


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