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October 25th - 26th - 28th - 29th

November 01st - 04th - 05th - 7th - 8th

This cheerful band is coming to the Estadio River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the "Music of the Spheres World Tour"

Who is Coldplay?

It is one of the leading independent pop - rock bands worldwide.

It will be the first time that their latest album “Music of the Spheres” (2021) is heard live, with which Coldplay adds another hit to its enormous history: “My Universe” with BTS.

The band has gone from the more acoustic britpop to a more independent style, making use of elements such as synthesizers and orchestras.

His great commitment to numerous political and social causes that they have defended through music stands out, as well as their support for refugees through Oxfam Intermón.

To enjoy more of their great music, book your stay with us!

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